Meet the Shapers - Viyana

2013-12-11 19:54:36


“We claim this place for Taraysk. The rest of you may leave.”

Artfully bred, the product of generations of carefully preserved Blood Shaping expertise, Viyana regarded the advent of her Spirit of Purity as a natural and inevitable right. Her creators dispatched her to lead the barbarian rabble of the eastern tribes to victory.

Viyana is a ranged, magical damage support that focuses almost exclusively on healing and sustaining her team. Viyana performs best in a lane role, harassing enemies with a bevy of powerful abilities – being rewarded for skillful offensive play with increased healing or shielding. Viyana sacrifices core kit utility present on other support Shapers in exchange for powerful sustain; being mindful of your lane partner’s skillset and item choices can often inform which sustaining or shielding abilities will be most useful. Viyana’s ultimate is immensely powerful, notably piercing through all forms of crowd control immunity, but leaves her vulnerable to enemy advances – be sure to use your abilities wisely and note your team’s positioning before unleashing it on a hapless foe.

  • Passive – Health Shaper – Pulse – Viyana uses health to cast her abilities. Viyana gains increased effectiveness from Heals, Regen and Lifedrain as her current health decreases.
  • Q – Needle – Viyana creates a spear of blood in target direction, dealing magical damage to the first enemy struck. Purified blood arcs back from the target healing nearby allied Shapers.
  • W – Pure Blood – Viyana generates Blood Orbs slowly over time that automatically heal nearby allied Shapers (except Viyana) with low health. Viyana may activate Pure Blood to consume a Blood Orb, shattering it at target location dealing magical damage and reducing the healing of enemies in the area.
  • E – Leech – Viyana curses target enemy, dealing damage over time. Each time the target takes damage, the lowest health allied Shaper gains a small shield that can stack several time. Any time a Shaper is shielded, the cooldown of this ability is reduced.
  • R – Exsanguinate – Viyana instantly suppressed target enemy Shaper, dealing magical damage to them over time. Viyana is healed over the duration of the effect.

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